Setup a Raspberry Pi with squid and I only need a single site cached - https://code.org. I viewed the access.log and see the activity but 99% of entries are tcp_tunnel200 or tcp_miss and the site doesn't perform any faster. How can I get this site to be cached so our mobile users on slow hotspot internet can use this website? We have a cart with 24 laptops using a mobile router trying to simultaneously use this one site.

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

  • It's a TLS site. That means it is an encrypted connection from the browser to the webserver. Caching TLS requests is harder. In addition, it's a dynamic site, so caching will not speed up things a lot. Once the user has loaded the site, a lot of the content will be cached by the browser anyway, so performance gain is likely to be relatively small. – vidarlo May 8 at 17:45

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