I've tried to strace a program and send the strace's output to a file x.deb. After opening x.deb I've seen this:


*** Contents:
x.deb (END)

I thought it is a bug in strace, because if I used x.x instead of x.deb, then the result was correct. But (I don't know why) when I opened x.deb with a cat, then it shown the actual content of the file, so... if it is a bug, then the bug is in the less, not in strace. But I'm not sure if it is a bug, because I've tried it with more versions of command less with the same result. What is it? Could you help me?

  • Tried versions off less: 481 on Ubuntu 16.04, 487 on Ubuntu 18.04 – H.Z. May 8 at 7:57

The name of the file ends with .deb so the less command thinks that the file is a Debian package and tries to provide an unpacked view of the package. However, the data you are providing is just plain ASCII output from strace and not a Debian package so the less command can't unpack it.

If you use another filename without the .deb suffix it will work OK.

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