I have very long queries text (~50 lines). Recently MySQL workbecnh is exhibiting strange behavior. While editing the query (I open it, I edit one character and want to continue to the next), it freezes forever.

I suspect it can be something related to memory? I see in the preferences there is a default value for maximum query length to store in history in bytes with this default value: 65536. Is this relevant? What do you suggest?

My device is running Ubuntu 18.04 and the workbench is verion 8.0 which is the latest. I cleaned the temp files using: clean and autoclean commands but no hope.

Please help me how to overcome this problem. Knowing that I do not face it when I edit the query in a text editor. Just when I am using the workbench editor. But it is not practical to use external editor.

I also tried to reboot and shut down my device and open the database connection again.

If you need the log, please specify the step to get it for you.

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I solved it by disabling Code Completion in PreferencesQuery Editor.


Not an answer, but it can help you debug if it's a memory problem

1.- Open mysql-workbench from a terminal window with mysql-workbench --log-level=debug3 -v

2.- Open a second terminal and run this command to monitor the memory and set a baseline, it will autoupdate every 2 seconds (in GB)

while true; do ps aux | grep 'mysql-workbench-bin' | grep -v -E 'grep|catchsegv' |  awk '{$5=int(100 * $5/1024/1024)/100"GB";}{ print;}' | awk '{print $5" "$11}'; sleep 2; done

It will output something like this 0.93GB /usr/lib/mysql-workbench/mysql-workbench-bin every 2 seconds.

3.- Open the query in mysql-workbench and monitor the increase of memory (if any).
Also check the output of the terminal running mysql-workbench.

4.- Open a 3rd terminal and run htop, that will give you an overview of the general usage (cpu/memory/swap) of your system.


I solves this changing some DBMS settings in SQL Editor:

enter image description here

  • 4
    You don't mention which of those settings you changed.
    – lolcode
    Jul 22, 2020 at 17:19
  • didn't help on windows 10, not responding even when just editing SQL
    – Fisk
    Mar 1 at 10:24
  • @lolcode I said DBMS MySQL session settings. I put a 0 after each DBMS setting.
    – Florin
    Mar 2 at 11:08

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