I need some help. I have enabled gzip compression, but I also want to allow brotli compression on my server. I followed many articles available on Google, but none of them helped me to install and enable **brotli.

Did not work:-

I followed all the articled by the digital ocean to install my LEMP stack and WordPress:-

I think there is no working tutorial available for brotli. I also checked the official doc of Nginx, but there is not enough information. I followed their doc to install brotli, but that did not work for me.

If anyone here can tell me the best and clean method to enable brotli. I will appreciate that.


You will need to compile Brotli from source. And you're right. There's almost no documentation on how to do this. I did this for my own server and I'm now running Brotli. :-)

You will need to either compile NGINX with Brotli, or compile a Brotli dynamic module and add to an already-built NGINX.

Here's the script I documented for the second choice: https://www.majlovesreg.one/adding-brotli-to-a-built-nginx-instance

Hope this helps you.

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