After executing the ubuntu updates as already performed many times the X graphical environment does not boot anymore.

The latest update installed kernel in grub. When selecting an older kernel in grub the machine boots correctly in X. I am using nvidia legacy drivers:nvidia-utils-390 390.116-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
Which should be the latest. How can this be resolved?

  • How have you installed the Nvidia drivers? – GabrielaGarcia May 7 at 16:46

I installed it via repository ppa:graphics-drivers if I remember correctly.

However I tried a manual upgrade to nvidia drivers version 418 and this solved my issue.

FYI: I notice now in my Software & Updates screen that ppa.launchpad.net/graphics-driver/... is present but not checked. Is this the reason why an automatic upgrade of the package is not suggested?

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