Firefox does not automatically update to the latest version:

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When I click on download Firefox it directs to me to the usual download page. How do I update firefox?

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    To use a workaround until Canonical releases 66.0.4, get your extensions working again by enabling "studies": twitter.com/mozamo/status/1124731439809830912 You'll get a hot-fix; you can disable when the new release comes out. If you want to get it quickly, go to about:config, and search for app.normandy.run_interval_seconds - set value to 10. When the study is installed/running, re-set this value to default 21600. To check the hot-fix is installed, visit about:studies. It looks like this. Hope that helps. – Dɑvïd May 7 at 7:49
  • @Dɑvïd Your solutions works fine on Ubuntu 18.04, thanks! – Matthias May 7 at 10:01

You should update Firefox over the package manager
Open the Terminal while pressing Ctrl+Alt+T

sudo apt update

and then do

sudo apt upgrade

You may be asked for your password.

  • Thanks. I'm now on Mozilla Firefox 66.0.3 but I need 66.0.4 because my add-ons don't work anymore. – Seamus O'Bairead May 6 at 19:22
  • The addon problem was a huge bug in firefox, the hotfix is new, give canonical some time to update firefox to 66.0.4 – Emil May 6 at 19:57

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