So I could boot from USB in my Acer AN515 system with only boot option. I had secure boot enabled and got the system installed. When it rebooted after installation, it got stuck in a black screen with some TPM error. I had to manually use power button to restart the system and happily it booted to Ubuntu. But there, when I login (to my account or guest), it logs in and after that I see a blank screen (not black, it shows Ubuntu background). That's it, keyboard or mouse is not affecting anything nor is any icon displayed on screen. I tried following as well:

  1. Erase and reinstall Ubuntu
  2. Reinstall Ubuntu with Download updates while installing and Install 3rd party software
  3. In login screen, press CTRL+ALT+F1/F3. When I do this, my mouse disappears and system becomes unresponsive to keyboard or mouse. I see no change in monitor display.

I allocated 50GB for root directory, 240 GB for home and 600 MB for the UEFI (or something) partition.

System Specs:

  1. 8 GB RAM
  2. 256 GB SSD (has windows)
  3. 1TB HDD (Ubuntu installed on this, SSD has not enough space)
  4. Nvidia 1050TI graphics card

Note: If I give wrong password, it shows login fail.

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