I am using a HP laptop running ubuntu LTS, always upgraded and updated to the latest version.

I work in different places using WiFi connection. I can connect without problems to WiFi_1. Then I leave the laptop in suspended mode so that I can secure my work to continue in the next place. When I reach home or a cafe, 90% of the times the network manager is unable to find the WiFi signal, or any other wifi signal (including mobile hotspot). I have to restart the computer, and often times this works, the signal is encountered, but many other times restarting the system does not work at all and I spend the whole afternoon without internet connection.

I think this is related to some information from WiFi_1 that is remaining in the system (because I left it in suspended mode), that makes hard for any other connection to connect afterwards. How can we troubleshoot this problem?


Try the following



and write

Description=Restart networkmanager at resume

Next you check which driver you use (Tell me if you do not know where the name of the drive is written in the result of the command)


Then make


and write

modprobe -r [your kernel driver]
modprobe [your kernel driver]
systemctl restart network-manager.service

And give the permission to execute

chmod +x /bin/net-resume

Finally you enable the service

systemctl enable net-resume.service

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