When installing the linux-lowlatency package on 18.04 LTS, the lowlatency-kernel version 4.15 is installed, while the -generic kernel has been updated to 4.18 since the LTS release.

4.18 linux-lowlatency packages are only available for cosmic and later releases.

Is there any way to automatically get new lowlatency-kernel versions on 18.04?


You need to install linux-lowlatency-hwe-18.04, as linux-lowlatency will always install the original version, 4.15, in this case.

apt-cache show linux-lowlatency-hwe-18.04 | grep Depends
Depends: linux-image-lowlatency-hwe-18.04 (=, linux-headers-lowlatency-hwe-18.04 (=
  • Hi Mike, okay. This was my issue. I did not realise that there were two kernel versions and the hwe-kernel was preinstalled, as uname -r doesn't specify this. – Prototype700 May 5 at 1:52

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