I have ubuntu 18.04 and installed citix receiver 13.10 which also has a web client. I am trying to connect to PuTTY using the web client on mozilla firefox but the connection always says that 'connecting, it may take few minutes' and it gets stuck there. I am not able to any app using citrix.

In addition, if I try to enter the address of my organisation's Citrix StoreFront site directly in the installed app, it gives me this error; "Your account cannot be added using this server address. Make sure you entered it correctly. An SSL connection to the server couldn't be established because the server's certificate was not trusted." (this is the same from Citrix receiver 13.10 on Ubuntu 18.04.1)

I have installed the oracle virtualbox and loaded windows 10 on it, I am getting the same problem even while using internet explorer on windows 10.

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