First let me say upfront that I'm not running anything that doesn't come out of the box which might affect the trackpad. There is the standard Synaptics Driver, but I am not running any other trackpad software on top of this.

The symptom I am seeing is that at low speed, as in when I am in an image editing program and am trying to position the pointer directly over a specific pixel (or as close as possible), the pointer will get "sticky" - it will stop moving for a moment, and then "jump" 50 or so pixels as if to catch up where it should be. This obvious is very undesirable when trying to precisely position the pointer!

I wrote a simple python script to watch the raw events from the device (/dev/input/event4) and dump out info about the events. When the pointer stops moving, I still see events scrolling along the screen - so the events are being properly recorded and at the right time, but something somewhere is delaying those events.

However, reading documentation such as this doesn't tell me exactly where the problem might be, that is, where I should look or what I might tweak to fix the issue. How do the various pointer events get aggregated into (e.g.) /dev/mice?

This is different than this question. The issue only happens when I am mousing at very slow speed, and it does not jump to the far corner of the screen, it just seems to lag to where it should be.

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