Ubuntu: 18.04.2, Gnome: 3.28.2

Behavior: workstation has been locked or suspended; wake workstation; enter the password; nothing happens, but the login screen continues to be displayed; this behavior is repeatable, frequent, but not always consistent (sometimes I am able to log in)

Ctrl + Alt + F1: takes me to a fresh login screen; enter the password; same behavior as above

Ctrl + Alt + F3: enter the password at the CLI; login successful

No hardware has changed and I am 99% sure none of the software either. I assume this is an issue with the Gnome shell, but I am not sure how to troubleshoot.

hwinfo lspci

Any help appreciated.


Edit: 2019.05.04 This behavior came up after a few months of usage. Everything worked fine up until recently. My only option is to power down via CLI or Ctrl + Alt + F1.


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