I know how to install Xubuntu, i.e. by:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop

I've used Xubuntu, and it's pretty lightweight and is power efficient than Ubuntu. But on the other hand, it does take away the looks of Ubuntu. So, obviously, I wanted to use Ubuntu when I've no limit on power usage (laptop is connected), and Xubuntu when there is a limit (laptop on battery).

So, is there a way to switch back and forth between Xubuntu and Ubuntu, based on convenience?

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    Why do you believe that there's any measurable difference what so ever in how much power is used? – pipe May 3 at 15:17

Ubuntu 17.10 and later (Gnome)

On login screen, click wrench icon and select your favour DE.

enter image description here

Taken from linuxconfig.org

Ubuntu 17.04 and below (Unity)

On login screen, click Ubuntu icon and select your DE.

enter image description here

Taken from tecmint.com

  • But does this still bring in some auto-run programs from the default Ubuntu session in XFCE session? If yes, then the objective of being more power efficient (as efficient as a default Xubuntu) may be not met. – Ruslan May 3 at 9:38

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