I am beginner to bash scripting and I am not able to find a solution to my problem. I have a list of strings like in input.txt file separated by newline character:


I have another file target.txt with more than 1000 lines in csv format which is of the following format:


I want to replace the time in field number 7 to 24:00:00 for all the lines where the column 4 (here TATAMOTORS) matches with any of the lines in input.txt file.

Can I do this with a simple bash command/script?


Another way using bash and sed:

while read token; do
   sed -i "/$token/{s/,[^,]*/,24:00:00/6}" target.txt
done < input.txt

This script reads input.txt line by line and put line value into token variable.

sed performs replace the 6th match of the regexp only for line that contains $token.

-i option specifies that files are to be edited in-place.


You can do it with a simple Awk command/script:

awk -F, '
  NR==FNR {a[$1]++; next} 
  $4 in a {$7 = "24:00:00"}
' input.txt target.txt
  • a[$1] alone defines an (empty) element; no reason to assign a value to it so ++ could be omitted. or missing something else? – GiannakopoulosJ May 2 at 10:00
  • @GiannakopoulosJ yes I believe that's the case (I almost wrote it that way) but based on others' examples it seems to be more idiomatic to use either a[$1]++ or a[$1]=1 – steeldriver May 2 at 10:03

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