After installing Kubuntu 19.04, DNS stopped working after setting static IP address. Am able to successfully ping gateway address but name resolution does not work. Setting interface back to DHCP (automatic) and DNS starts working. Set interface back to static IP (manual) and DNS resolution stops. This suggests there might be a problem in the Network Manager configuration code. Where are the DNS server addresses stored nowadays? With Network Manager, Systemd, NetPlan etc. it's almost impossible to debug these types of problems. I've reviewed similar questions going back to 2006 but they don't pertain anymore as things have changed and their recommendations don't work anymore.

Static IP was set using Network Manager using the Edit Network Connections graphical dialog and yes, I set the nameserver addresses in the dialog. I assume, that once you click "apply" and "ok" those addresses get written somewhere. Question is, Where?

  • @AndréSilva-PT That circa-2016 answer is no longer valid for Ubuntu 19.04. Sorry. – chili555 May 1 at 21:37
  • Where and how did you set your static IP details? Network Manager? Did you also specify DNS nameservers? – chili555 May 1 at 21:38
  • use systemd-resolve --status to check DNS, it is also used to set DNS manually – marosg May 2 at 6:52
  • If the real purpose of this post is to get me to upgrade to Ubuntu 19, it is working – Gordster May 2 at 22:40

I found this article on setting static IP addresses on Ubuntu 19 which should be helpful


It appears you have to edit the /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml

after you have edited the file with all of the appropriate information (especially the nameserver addresses) you run

sudo netplan apply
  • Supposedly, netplan is for servers and networkd. Desktops use Network Manager. Interestingly, on my 19.04 server which was upgraded from 18.10, the /etc/netplan directory is empty. No .yaml file anywhere to be found but I have static IP address assigned to that server. Where is it stored? One question I have is, why not use one method to manage the network regardless of server or desktop? Why make it more complicated than it has to be? – md82854 May 3 at 23:14

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