I have Ubuntu 18.04 and I installed minidlna via snap because of the several dependencies that I don't otherwise need, and to avoid dependency hell.

I edited /var/snap/minidlna-escoand/19/minidlna.conf and I checked in the log file that everything goes well:

[2019/05/01 18:42:06] minidlna.c:1048: warn: Starting MiniDLNA version 1.2.1.
[2019/05/01 18:42:06] minidlna.c:1089: warn: HTTP listening on port 8200

However, I checked with VLC and no media is available.

The config file shows:

media_dir=/tank/home/olaf/Anime e manga

and the permissions are:

root@ml110g7:~# ps aux | grep minidlna
root     ...  minidlnad -f /var/snap/minidlna-escoand/19/minidlna.conf -P /var/snap/minidlna-escoand/common/minidlna.pid
root@ml110g7:~# ls -l /tank/media/
total 27
drwxrws--- 13 root music  14 Feb 27 23:22 Music
drwxrws---  4 root photos  7 Feb 27 23:22 Photos
drwxrws---  9 root videos 10 Feb 27 23:22 Videos

minidlnad runs as root, so why isn't it able to access the folders? one of the folders contains spaces (something that should pose no problem), but the other ones are simpler and no error is logged.

How can I debug the issue?

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As explained in the Ubuntu MiniDLNA instructions

#network_interface=eth0         # Self-discovers if commented (good with NetworkManager)
media_dir=V,/tank/media/Videos    # Use A, P, and V to restrict media 'type' in directory
db_dir=/var/cache/minidlna      # Needs to be un-commented
log_dir=/var/log                # Needs to be un-commented
inotify=yes                     # 'no' for less resources, restart required for new media

Restart the daemon for changes to take effect:

sudo service minidlna restart

To rebuild the database use:

sudo service minidlna force-reload

Firewall Rules

If using a firewall the the ssdp (1900/udp) and trivnet1 (8200/tcp) ports will need to be opened. For example this can be done with arno's iptables firewall by editing firewall.conf to:


You need to make sure that the problem is with MediaDLNA and not VLC. The following guide explains how to access the files with VLC.

MiniDLNA uses tcp port 8200 so you should be able to access the page at http://localhost:8200 with your browser as explained in this installation guide. If you can access the files, then you misconfigured vlc.

Opening miniDLNA content with your browser will help you understand if the issue is connected to VLC or MiniDLNA.

  • I think you missed the part where I refer to "snap". This is not a normal install, therefore I don't know how or if I can execute the "force-reload". However I checked the web interface and it works. It just shows zero media files, and that's the issue.
    – FarO
    May 1, 2019 at 21:50

Apparently the minidlna snap has known issues with media folders:


The author hasn't solved the issue yet, therefore I cannot continue using that snap.

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