Is there a file manager that can serially number files and sub-folders in the currently viewed directory?

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    Given the tags, are you looking for a GUI or CLI solution? Also do you mean to rename the files, or just display a numbered list without modifying anything? And what sort order should be used and what columns/info should be included? – Byte Commander May 1 '19 at 15:33
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    This question is actually to answer a question that was closed, which I asked to be re-opened, and which is now deleted. You can see it here: askubuntu.com/questions/1135119/… – DK Bose May 1 '19 at 15:38

Ranger can do that. Ranger is a VIM-inspired file manager for the console available in the universe repository of all currently supported versions of Ubuntu. The GitHub page is here.

This answer is not meant to describe how to use Ranger but specifically to indicate that numbering files and folders is possible using Ranger.

Users can edit ~/.config/ranger/rc.conf to change the default setting of

# Disable displaying line numbers in main column
set line_numbers false


# Disable displaying line numbers in main column
set line_numbers absolute

With set line_numbers absolute, a user can jump to specific a entry in the main (middle) by typing Ngg where N is the line number to the left of the file or folder name.

The following images, of Ranger in Ubuntu 19.04, shows line numbering in effect in the main (middle) column for the home folder and for /etc.

Home folder

folders and files serially numbered in the home folder


/etc folder

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