I'm running into a huge problem, that whenever an application is trying to open the file system, such as chrome trying to prompt me to specify a path to download things, it makes ubuntu crash and gets me back to the user/password screen and everything that was open gets closed. There are also other applications that make it crash the same way but not so noticeable, but very insignificantly, I think that only one app makes it crash like that. But every time that an application tries to get to the file system, it crashes.

P.S.: Nautilus opens regularly, I have no problem with exploring my file system.

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04


OK, lets do the basics first...

Let's check out your file system using fsck...

  • boot to a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB
  • open a terminal window
  • type sudo fdisk -l
  • identify the /dev/XXXX device name for your "Linux Filesystem"
  • type sudo fsck -f /dev/XXXX # replacing XXXX with the number you found earlier
  • repeat the fsck command if there were errors
  • type reboot

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