I'm planning to use gparted to move a(the?) OEM partition created by win 10 to the end of the disk. The disk looks like:

win 10 disk partitions

Can the OEM partition be safely moved to the end of the disk?

I tried it earlier with gparted and there were gaps of unallocated space in between the OS(C:) partition and the newly moved free partition at the end. Can these spaces be used so that the OS partition is contiguous up until the start of the OEM partition?

  • The windows default partitioning (Disk Management) tool does not allow for moving partitions (only extending partitions (to the right) provided there is sufficient space to do so). – Sebi May 1 at 11:32
  • 1
    With my Dell when I did a Dell backup, it asked if I wanted to remove the Dell recovery partition. And after Windows backup it asked if I wanted to remove that partition. And I still did a full Windows backup with Macrium. Order of partitions on a drive is not critical. – oldfred May 1 at 13:34

Run gparted from ubuntu usb, or other disk(if you have it)

  • Make backup of important files
  • Move OEM partition to the end, then you'll have unallocated space on right of C: partition
  • Make C: partition larger, using that unallocated space
  • In gparted I also have a space that seems "unallocateable" in between the unallocated space and the OS partition – Sebi May 1 at 11:39
  • Have you moved OEM partition, and still have "unallocateble"? Include gparted screenshot in question. – LeonidMew May 1 at 11:47
  • Try to move OEM with gparted and extend C using windows tool. – LeonidMew May 1 at 11:51
  • Another way: Create a second OEM at the end copies over the files and then remove the old oem – LeonidMew May 1 at 12:00

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