I am running a new installed Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo on a dual boot with windows 10. I installed Anaconda for Ubuntu using this guide https://docs.anaconda.com/anaconda/install/linux/

Finishing the installation the next time I open the terminal, it appears to be like

(base) username@ubuntu:~$

which means I am in the main environment of Conda. But, when installation of Anaconda finishes, it says:

if you want conda not to activate automatically when startup, run:
    conda config --set auto_activate_base false

But when I do it, and when I am out of the (base), the next time that I open the terminal and try to normally open Anaconda Navigator by anaconda-navigator it says that anaconda-navigator: command not found.

But on it was not like this before. Can someone describe me how can I remove this (base) and also be able to run anaconda commands like opening jupyter notebook directly from normal terminal.

I appreciate your answers.


So no one answered and I needed to solve it so went through the websites and found the solution which I share for the future users' problem.

The thing to do is to modify two things in .condarc file, which usually is situated saved in home directory.

First to set the automatic activation of the base to true, to have the environment activated in the terminal, and change changeps1 to False in order to prevent to show (base) in the beginning:

$ conda config --set auto_activate_base True
$ conda config --set changeps1 False

They are all saved in .condarc file.

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