I have checked the other answers but didn't find anything matches with my case. Question is simple. How can I do the following:

rename *A*X*.csv *A*Y*.csv 

I know that the above line is in the Windows style but I think you got what I want. So all the files which include A before X is changed to *A*Y*.csv Because in my case I also have files with *B*X*.csv format and I don't want them to be changed.

An example:

myfileAisblablaXblabla.csv => myfileAisblablaYblabla.csv 

And I have to say that there are lots of these kind of files in my case, so I need a batch solution. Thanks.


rename could substitute character in the file name like sed sintax working for you should be (test it before run):

rename s/X/Y *A*X*.csv
  • You should single-quote the substitution pattern, terminate the replacement and make use of -n option: rename -n 's/X/Y/' *A*X*.csv – pLumo Apr 30 at 8:11
  • @RoVo -n option of rename is --nono for simulate the action but do not apply. – AtomiX84 Apr 30 at 9:52

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