I frequently use various Linux distributions to work on servers - however, a while ago, I re-purposed an old Mac Mini 2007 into a home server, running Ubuntu 18.04.

Today, I tried to transfer a file off my harddrive to the home server but had to learn that I could not mount exFAT directly. So, I installed exfat-fuse and exfat-utils and attempted to mount it again - but, to no success.

I then remembered, that some guides on the internet had suggested people using exFAT to format them on Windows, since Windows runs Microsoft's direct implementation - but also, that I restored data off the Mac Mino's old harddrive to an exFAT harddrive, which I had formatted using GParted.

So now I am very, very lost. :)

Is there an actual difference between the exFAT implementations used in macOS, exfat-fuse and Windows - and how can I overcome them, without erasing all my data? I do not have a lot of spare drives unfortunately...

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