I need to install Azure IoT Edge on Ubuntu Core, which uses snap as packet manager.

I found https://launchpad.net/azure-iot-gateway-snap which seems to be the snap version for Azure IoT Edge, but now I don't know how I can install it.

How can I install it ? Do I need to compile it from sources ? If yes, how ?

It's the first time I need to use snap as packet manager, I usually always used apt and I'm a bit lost about what I need to do with this website. I didn't find any download link or anything.

Thank you for helping me


snap was modelled after apt in command structure, so

sudo snap install <snap.package> 

(ie. snap in lieu of apt)

An example I found on a Ubuntu/Canonical web site is (it shows installing MAAS as snap right at the top from https://docs.maas.io/devel/en/installconfig-snap-install with options 'stable' to enforce a specific branch to be used, and 'devmode' to reduce confinement so the snap can use more system resources; options may not be required like this example)

sudo snap install maas --devmode --stable

Basic tutorials can be found at

https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/basic-snap-usage#0 https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/developers

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