I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 (previously 16.04) and an important feature is missing: the option to switch between GUI and TTY.

From the GUI I can switch to one of 5 TTY, by Ctrl-Alt-F2 to Ctrl-Alt-F6. I can login in the tty, do whatever I wish. When I Press Alt-F1, I get to the login-screen, not back to running GUI session. Alt-F7 leads to a black screen.

When I switch to the login screen, and login, I get a fresh GUI-Login. The programs have been terminated, the unsaved data and status is lost. This is annoying.

In previous versions, Alt-F7 brought me to the original, running GUI. Alt-F1 brought me to the console of the GUI. This is how I want it to be. The particular order of screens does not matter - the crucial item is to get back.

How can I customize 18.04 in this way?

PS: I basically have the default 18.04.4 desktop install using GNOME-shell (not unity). The only thing remotely non-standard is that it is MBR/Legacy, not GPT/UEFI install.

  • Did you try Ctrl-Alt-F2 – Jean-Marie Apr 26 at 13:14
  • 1
    Sure - it leads to one of the TTYs. – Andreas H Apr 30 at 10:46
  • My system is like yours and Ctrl-Alt-F2 brings me back to the original GUI. But if I login another user, it all changes. Once I found the original GUI at Ctrl-Alt-F8 but it seems unpredictable with the few tests I made – Jean-Marie Apr 30 at 13:05
  • same problem. i use nvidia drivers – Ferroao Jun 14 at 15:29

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