I have a Lubuntu installed on my vmware it was run perfectly untill I updated it then I started to get the lxde xsession problem and I lost the gui but I can read my files from command line and I lost the access to the internet so i can't installing lxde gui using command line so what I do ? to get the internet back i tried sudo ifconfig <logical name> up the command worked but the internet connection still lost

  • You haven't given us much to work with. What release of Lubuntu? Do you, or can you assign a static ip address? can you ping your closest switch? or say google's dns (ie. ping without using DNS, or do you get issues only if you if try & use DNS, ie. ping dns.google.com) etc – guiverc Apr 26 at 1:24
  • @guiverc i get network unreachable with ping and name or service not known with ping dns.google.com and i have ubuntu 18 – shar Apr 26 at 7:58
  • There is no Ubuntu 18, so do you mean Ubuntu Core 18? (an IoT intended version of Ubuntu which is yy in format) or something else. Most standard desktop/server editions of Ubuntu are yy.mm in format (having multiple releases per year), and only special purpose releases are yy in format (like Ubuntu Core 18) having only a single release per year. – guiverc Apr 26 at 11:36

this command fixed the internet disconnection problem for me sudo dhclient <logical name>

for me my logical name was ens33 sudo dhclient ens33

that's how to know you logical name use this command sudo lshw -class network

then to fix you internet connection

sudo dhclient <logical name>

then I used this command to install the gui to fix the xsession and lxde gui problem

sudo apt-get install lxde

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