Windowed Applications do not have the traditional File, Edit, View, and etcetera. This usually sits at the top of the Application, under the Title bar.

How do I enable Application Menus in Ubuntu MATE 18?



$ gsettings get org.mate.panel default-layout

MATE Tweak

MATE Tweak Panel

MATE Tweak Widnows

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    What is your current MATE panel layout? Please add screenshot from MATE Tweak (mate-tweak, Panel tab) or output of gsettings get org.mate.panel default-layout to the question. – N0rbert Apr 26 '19 at 11:33
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    The Familiar layout do not have global application menu on the top MATE Panel. You can compare it with Contemporary layout to understand what I mean. Which application do not have top menu? Does Caja (default MATE file-manager) have this menu (File, Edit, VIew, etc)? – N0rbert Apr 27 '19 at 10:36

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