Yeah basically the title, I want to do that things from a app that can run Linux scripts per SSH. I only want to run these three and not ALL from systemctl with my basic user.

So thanks.

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Try to use the --user switch. From systemctl(1)


Talk to the service manager of the calling user, rather than the 

service manager of the system.

You may follow the instruction of this post.


Create a Cmnd_Alias in /etc/sudoers like:

Cmnd_Alias APACHEADMIN = /usr/bin/systemctl start apache2, /usr/bin/systemctl restart apache2, /usr/bin/systemctl stop apache2

Then add a line for the user privilege:

  • Hey man thanks, but it doesnt work. I still get the Info to do this thing as sudo/root. I think I need the rights for the Service that i will change too, or something like this. Apr 25, 2019 at 17:19

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