I have installed Ubuntu in my Desktop alongside Windows 10 by dual booting. And at the start grub is showing up to give options between Ubuntu os and Windows boot loader.I have set windows as my default boot.So windows get selected automatically. But I want to use ubuntu also.It can not be selected.How can I solve my problem?

  • I am not sure but please share the methodology of how you installed (or changed) grub. If possible, share with us the grub entry Also tell us if you see the grub screen at all during boot or not? My instinct tells me that you boot straight to Windows, is that right? If thats the case then grub is not loading at boot for you. – Donald_duck Apr 24 at 13:54
  • In the grub menu navigate with the up and/or down arrow keys to select other entries and hit Enter. – mook765 Apr 24 at 22:51

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