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It worked fine until I upgraded Ubuntu from 18.10 to 19.04. Now the super key is not detected and I can't set it as a custom shortcut and neither use it with default shortcuts. I can't find anything about super key behavior in settings.

Under Settings > Region and Language > Input sources the keys of the preview keyboard work fine but the super key, fn key and menu key, which are not recognized (not highlighted when pressed). I also tried changing to English as input source, but didn't solve the problem.

Is there something I'm missing?

Info: GNOME Shell 3.32.0, Ubuntu 19.04, keyboard layout: Italian

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So the problem was "solved" by

  1. enabling a random option in gnome-tweak-tools > keyboard and mouse > additional layout options > Alt/Win key behavior
  2. closing the window
  3. opening it again and set to disabled (which was default)

as suggested in this question (comments).

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