Running a new install of Kubuntu 18.04 on Dell Optiplex 9020.

My display and audio are connected through a display port to my television. Problem is whenever my machine has been idle for >1 hour, the HDMI audio no longer works. Currently the only fix I have is to reboot the machine.

I have tried the following:

  • Disabling all power-saving settings in System Settings
  • Ensuring everything is unmuted in alsamixer
  • Commenting out the line marked "load-module module-suspend-on-idle" in /etc/pulse/default.pa
  • pacmd set-default-sink alsa_output.pci-0000_00_03.0.hdmi-stereo-extra1 (this does not return an error but neither does it change the default)
  • sudo killall pulseaudio

Extra notes:

  • Logging in and out does not fix the issue, only restarting.
  • Suspending the machine and then unsuspending it does not replicate the issue.

Output when I run pacmd list-sinks



Solved the issue, by reading up on DPMS here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Display_Power_Management_Signaling#Disabling_DPMS

What ended up working for me was to disable DPMS through xset, with

xset -dpms

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