When I boot, I get this message twice and the computer seems to wait some time before resuming.

My systems has two drives. The first one has Windows 7 installed on it and the BIOS is set to boot on this disk by default.

One the second drive, I installed lubuntu 18.04. When I want to boot on it, I do it through the BIOS, selecting the second drive.

I did installed boot-repair on my lubuntu partition and did run it at many occasion to repair the grub of that disk (grub2 is installed only on that second disk, not on the first one). Using grub-customizer, I removed the entry to Windows 7 to have only lubuntu boot options showing up.

I must add that, after showing the two error: no device connected messages for about 30 secondes, the screen goes totally blank for approximately 2 minutes before anything else shows up. Is a second issue linked to the first one?

A thought: two error messages, two disk drives, this may be a clue but I found nothing so far.

Can anyone help me with these two problems? It would be greatly appreciated.

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