I can not get any sound from audio out or HDMI. There is no option to set the output at the top right of screen.

$ pulseaudio

E: [pulseaudio] pid.c: Daemon already running.
E: [pulseaudio] main.c: pa_pid_file_create() failed.
  • Please give more information. Is it a laptop? Is it dual-booted? If it is dual-booted, then does audio work on windows-10? Did your audio suddenly stop working?
    – Marmayogi
    Apr 23 '19 at 20:45
  • My computer is a desktop an is dual booted and the audio works fine with windows 10 on the audio jack and on the HDMI. By the way I had the same issue with Ubuntu 16.04 and was able to resolve the issue by downloading update packages with command codes in the terminal. @ Marmayogi Apr 23 '19 at 23:11
  • Please issue the command mv ~/.config/pulse ~/.config/old_pulse. Reboot your system. Now, please check your audio. If it fails, then try this command sudo alsa force-reload. Reboot your system. Now again check for audio. Also please post the output of pulseaudio command.
    – Marmayogi
    Apr 24 '19 at 16:43
  • I entered the command and I got the message mv: missing destination file operand after '/home/(my username).config/old-pulse' @ Marmayogi Apr 24 '19 at 21:51
  • The Destination part of the output appears as . /home/(my username).config/old-pulse which is wrong. The correct one should be /home/(my username)/.config/old-pulse. Please don't type the command. Just copy the entire command from my comments and paste it on your terminal. Please try again. Did you attempt to run the other command? What was the result? Besides, what was the output of the command pulseaudio?
    – Marmayogi
    Apr 25 '19 at 1:24

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