Every time I close my laptop lid for some amount of time, the graphics for files mess up and display inacurate filenames and have graphical issues upon resume.

Usually I remove this by executing killall plasmashell && kstart plasmashell, but I noticed that this doesn't appear to work in the new Disco Dingo release.

I got an error message indicating that kstart wasn't available as a command and that I should install kde-runtime if I wanted to use it?

Has some other method of starting plasmashell been added? How can I restart plasmashell?

  • I haven't upgraded to 19.04 yet, but this sounds alarming, that the old trick no longer works. As a shot in the dark, do you do this in Krunner or a terminal (whether pre-opened, via shortcut, or always-open Yakuake)? – Kenneth Hanson May 14 at 5:24

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