I installed invoice2data using this command:

pip install invoice2data

But when I write "invoice2data" in terminal, It shows this error:

invoice2data: command not found

Is there any way to use it in ubuntu 18.04.2? My current Python version is 3.6


Did you check that the invoice2data library was installed correctly?

Run this command:

pip uninstall invoice2data

If the output is

 Skipping invoice2data as it is not installed

Then it was not installed correctly.

I wonder you needed sudo to install invoice2data correctly:

sudo pip install invoice2data

I hope it works.

  • I uninstalled invoice2data and reinstalled it but it didn't work. It worked when I restarted my ubuntu machine. Thanks!!! – Kamal rajput Apr 23 '19 at 4:16

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