i updated my machine from a plain Installation of xubuntu 18.10 (because i had an Installation medium laying around for that) to the latest Version (which is 19.04) using sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade && sudo do-release-upgrade and now it Fails booting halfway through.

following is the sympthomatics:

  • boots till the console based Login (on tty1)
  • then blanks the screen
  • leaves me with a coursor blinking in inregular intervals
  • Holding ctrl-alt-f1 for some amount of time Shows the console based Login screen again for a fracture of a second and then blanks the screen again and the cycle repeats again.

  • strange Thing though is: the num lock is on as usual if i turn it off it turns itself back on with the next cycle which leaves me thinking that something is gone horribly wrong and its stuck in a loop trying again and again until it succedes which actually never happens.

i took a Brief look at a couple of proposed "similar Questions" but they dont quite represent the Problem and do not present working Solutions as i am not even able to Login at a console Level.

i had the same effect a day ago after i upgraded from the same 18.04 Installation but had a couple of packages i dont Need removed beforehand. therefor i tried reinstalling and leaving everything plain and then upgrading which leads to the same old Problem as discribed above.

next Thing i am going to try is whether ssh-ing into the machine is possible. but i guess there is no ssh Server installed per Default.

the repair/recovery Options in the grub menue dont help me at all. although i can use them to get to a root Shell and surprising enough i can do a startx then and it works (if only in 800*600 Resolution though)

  • update: i managed to use the root console to install an ssh server and set it up to start it on boot and now i am able to login remotely which makes work certainly easier but does not solve the initial problem – der bender Apr 22 at 15:21

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