In Visual studio code, there is screen wastage. Is there any solution to merge menubar and titlebar with the shell?

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There is a settings named titleBarStyle. Set it to "custom". In settings.json it should be look like this:

  "window.titleBarStyle": "custom"

If you don't want to edit settings.json manually, the "Title Bar Style" setting is in Settings → Window -- or just begin to type title bar in the "Search settings" text box and it will be found:

screenshot of Settings in VS Code

In either case, VS Code must be restarted to apply the change, and once the change has been applied, VS Code looks like this, with the title bar and menu bar merged into one:

screenshot of VS Code with custom title bar


Go to File>Preference>Settings and in user settings write "window.titleBarStyle": "custom",


I use mostly keyboard while developing. So, I just press F11 and make VScode full screen. If you need to switch between browser/vscode, try ctrl+esc to quickly switch. Other than that, there are some GNOME Shell extensions (e.g. Pixel Saver) that do what you are asking for.

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