My lubuntu laptop is connected to a WD Passport Wireless Pro hard drive via wifi. I am connected to the hard drive's network which I believe is connected to my home wifi network.

However, I can't find the hard drive folder under /mnt.

Searching the user manual I find this:

  • Windows : In the left pane of the File Explorer window, click Network > MyPassport (or name you assigned) > Public .
  • Mac : In the left pane of the Finder window in the SHARED section, double- click MyPassport (or name you assigned) > Storage.

Linux is not officially supported.

Is there anywhere else I should look? I am able to see my laptop's name connected to the hard drive in the hard drive's dashboard at http://passport.local.


sudo fdisk -l // I don't see the external drive listed
lsblk // I don't see the disk label

After closing and reopening PCManFM file manager I still see 2 top level folders only, <alias to my PC name>, and /

  • I don't know your hard drive; or how it connects. You won't see it under /mnt until you have mounted it, nor will it show in lsblk or fdisk unless its connected (via cable & not network). I suspect it will mount using samba connections; I'd use fping to find it's ip address & explore that for available samba mountable devices (or if you have access to a windows device use net show [I think, or net view..] to display how it connects & just copy those details). – guiverc Apr 21 at 22:24

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