I am running long time computations (several hours) on a Nvidia RTX 2080 GPU installed in Ubuntu 18.04 headless (no peripheral connected to the computer: no monitor, no keyboard, etc...).

Do I have to use Nvidia persistence ?

According to this post:


the Nvidia person seems to suggest that Nvidia persistence should be activated.

So, as Nvidia documentation is not clear for me (see https://docs.nvidia.com/deploy/driver-persistence/index.html),

1) Is it necessary ?

2) If yes, how do I launch it ?


You can launch nvidia persistence by running

sudo nvidia-persistenced

As this runs the persistence daemon with root privileges, you might want to use the --user flag. If you want to start it automatically on boot, you can modify the service /lib/systemd/system/nvidia-persistenced.service to use --persistence-mode instead of --no-persistence-mode.

You can check that by using nvidia-smi, which should show on the top left corner, that Persistence-M is On.

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