I just upgraded from 17.04 to 19.04 and had a bit of encrypted data that I didn't want getting stolen if the device was ever taken.

I did a fresh install of 19.04 and have a full backup of the entire disk. I can't figure out how to restore my vault from the backup though. It didn't seem to transfer over and appears as an empty folder in /media/externaldrive/backup/sarah/vaults/myvvault

How can I import it to the new OS?


Edit ~/.config/plasmavaultrc and add the following section:


The value for backend is cryfs or encfs. I'm supposing vault is a cryfs drive, as it's the default option. If there's a file named cryfs.config lying around then it's a cryfs drive.

Back in ~/.config/plasmavaultrc, at the end of the file, there's an [EncryptedDevices] section, add there the path to the encrypted drive:


Restart plasma desktop and that's it.

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