What is the difference between "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu" option?

I have VirtualBox on my Windows 10 and have downloaded Ubuntu ISO on my desktop.

I have configured the VirtualBox and provide Ubuntu ISO for Virtualbox. I get two options - "Try Ubuntu" and "Install Ubuntu". I am not sure which option to take.

My requirement is I want to run my Selenium scripts in parallel for which I need multiple machines, hence using VM.

If I select Install Ubuntu will it alter my laptop's file system? I intend to use VM temporarily to learn the concept of parallel script execution across multiple machines. Post learning I want to remove VirtualBox and don't want Ubuntu.

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    Try Ubuntu is like going to a store and trying on a pair of jeans. Installing Ubuntu is like buying the same pair of jeans and taking them home and wearing them. – user68186 Apr 21 at 3:45
  • If you are running the .iso in VirtualBox, then it will alter the virtual disk, leaving your Windows 10 OS untouched. – user535733 Apr 21 at 4:34

Try Ubuntu will run live image of Ubuntu system, this will not actually installing Ubuntu—thus changes you made here not gonna be saved and will be gone after shutdown.

Install Ubuntu probably is the one you want, it will install full Ubuntu within Virtualbox sandbox, storing all the changes on virtual hard disk (usually .vdi file).

Installing Ubuntu on Virtualbox will not affect your main filesystem—except for hard disk space usage I assume you already figure that out.

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