I'm experiencing difficulties to ssh into my Ubuntu machine from my Mac.

I've my sshd running fine on my Ubuntu host:

ps -ef | grep sshd
root       968     1  0 Apr17 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D
root     17684   968  0 10:50 ?        00:00:00 sshd: fishercoder [priv]
fishercoder  17732 17684  0 10:50 ?        00:00:00 sshd: fishercoder@pts/20
fishercoder  23474 24247  0 13:22 pts/23   00:00:00 grep --color=auto --exclude-dir=.bzr --exclude-dir=CVS --exclude-dir=.git --exclude-dir=.hg --exclude-dir=.svn sshd
root     24210   968  0 11:19 ?        00:00:00 sshd: fishercoder [priv]
fishercoder  24246 24210  0 11:19 ?        00:00:00 sshd: fishercoder@pts/23

I used to be able to log into it via ssh perfectly fine. But recently it started to become a hit and miss.

Often times, I get this:

ssh fishercoder@xx.xxx.xx.xx
Authenticated with cached credentials.

fishercoder@xx.xxx.xx.xx's password:
Authenticated with cached credentials.
Connection closed by xx.xxx.xx.xx port 22

Again, I physically logged onto my Ubuntu and checked things:

sudo ufw status
Status: active

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
22/tcp                     ALLOW       Anywhere
17472/tcp                  ALLOW       Anywhere
22                         ALLOW       Anywhere
22/tcp (v6)                ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)
17472/tcp (v6)             ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)
22 (v6)                    ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)

This port 22 is wide open, anyone could share any insights of why it tries to authenticate with cached credentials and then fails after I typed my password? And any ideas how to fix this please?


  • run the ssh command with the -vvv options to see what the issues are! – George Udosen Apr 19 at 22:09

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