I am having Acer machine currently installed Ubuntu 18.04. After I fully charge battery it works fine till around 45 - 50 % but after that it suddenly drops down to 1 - 2 % and notification popups of saying that battery is critically-low, your PC is about to hibernate.

If I plugin and recharge till then same thing happens, but If I continue using without plugging in then it continues for around 30-40 minutes even after 0 % battery.

Is there any issue with power management of Ubuntu OR it is the battery behaving weirdly.


Ubuntu definitely has problems with the batteries of some laptops. I'm having Lenovo X230T and experiencing problems, identical with these described in the question. No matter whether the battery is a new or the old one. And none of the battery tools (as tlp that has extended support for ThinkPad) helped me to solve this.

The workaround that I found is:

Always discharge the battery under 5% before start a new charge, then the new charge must be up to the maximum capacity - 100% for new battery.

With this small inconvenience the battery has the same life expectancy per charge as in Widows.

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    I bought a new machine and I will definitely try this thing. thanks for the suggestion. – pbhadu Aug 20 at 11:59

I figured it out, actually it was battery's problem but it is also true that somehow Ubuntu drops our battery capacity comparing to Windows


Install this application. It will sure help you to increase battery life. It's working very good on my ASUS FX553VD.

Install slimbookbattery application. And choose mode as per your works need. It's a one of the best solution or I can say battery saver tool that I was found out on net. And thanks to it's creator group.

To Install:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:slimbook/slimbook
sudo apt update    
sudo apt install slimbookbattery 

To un-Install:

sudo apt remove --auto-remove slimbookbattery
sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:slimbook/slimbook

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