I'm looking for a file manager that will make it easier to match up photos. I have two sets of photos with different names, and I need to rename like photos with similar names. I have been using PCManFM, but it has two problems:

  1. I can't make the thumbnails any large. I need something like OS X where I can set the dimensions of the thumbnails, for instance to 128x128 or 256x256 as my needs change.

  2. I need to be able to drag files around and sit them arbitrarily on the desktop. To do this I need to disable any automatic sorting or positioning of icons (also similar to what OS X provides). In this way I can drag similar files next to each other before they get renamed.

PCManFM does not provide either functionality. I have tried Thunar but while it lets me "zoom in" increasing the thumbnail size it isn't always enough. In addition, it doesn't let me disable the automatic sorting and resizing.

I have seen Pantheon but I'm running LUbuntu and don't want to mess with trying to install it unless I know it will work.

Are there any other file managers that will do this which will easily run on LUbuntu 18.04?


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sudo apt-get install nemo

View Menu -> Arrange Files -> Manually

Ctrl+= zooms in to a quite satisfactorally large icon for me.

Update: Nemo seemed to have a weird issue where it wouldn't generate/display thumbnails for all images, even if another file manager like PCManFM had already generated them. I tried linking ~/.cache/thumbnails to my ~/.thumbnails folder to no avail. Finally, I installed caja which is another early fork of Nautilus from before the manual file arrangement was removed from it, and found that it works.

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