These are the colors present in Zim which uses GTK

Zim colors

How can I change them to more of my liking? The color for links is very hard to read on the dark Breeze theme.

Kubuntu 18.10 (Kernel: 4.18.0-17-generic) & Zim (0.68) installed via terminal

  • @DKBose Alright I've added those details! – ums Apr 19 at 1:31
  • The reason I asked about how you installed Zim, is that some users install snaps/flatpaks and the appearance, in such cases, maybe difficult to alter. – DK Bose Apr 19 at 2:31

I'm still on Kubuntu 18.04 but it appears that the version of Zim is the same in 18.10.

  • Zim seems to be a gtk2 application
  • Kubuntu allows users to choose different gtk2 and gtk3 (and qt) themes.
  • Open System Settings > Application Style > GNOME Application Style and make your selections there. However, certain aspects of Zim's appearance are not governed by the gtk2 theme.
  • Zim's Help > FAQ mentions that a user can

… change the colors used for links, underline etc. ?

Copy "/usr/share/zim/style.conf" to "~/.config/zim/" and edit as you see fit. See the Config Files page for the syntax of this file.

That allows users to modify several aspects of Zim's appearance, including links.

To get the image below, I edited my ~/.config/zim/style.conf to change the link color from blue to aquamarine.

Changing Zim's link color to aquamarine from blue

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