I've tried to install java with

# add-apt-repository -y ppa:webupd8team/java
# apt update
# apt install oracle-java8-installer

but got error:

ERROR 404: Not Found.

download failed
**Oracle JDK 8 is NOT installed.

I've search internet and found solution:

cd /var/lib/dpkg/info
sudo sed -i 's|JAVA_VERSION=8u201|JAVA_VERSION=8u211|' oracle-java8-installer.*
sudo sed -i 's|PARTNER_URL=http://download.oracle.com/otn-pub/java/jdk/8u201-b09/42970487e3af4f5aa5bca3f542482c60/|PARTNER_URL=https://download.oracle.com/otn/java/jdk/8u211-b12/478a62b7d4e34b78b671c754eaaf38ab/|' oracle-java8-installer.*
sudo sed -i 's|SHA256SUM_TGZ="cb700cc0ac3ddc728a567c350881ce7e25118eaf7ca97ca9705d4580c506e370"|SHA256SUM_TGZ="c0b7e45330c3f79750c89de6ee0d949ed4af946849592154874d22abc9c4668d"|' oracle-java8-installer.*
sudo sed -i 's|J_DIR=jdk1.8.0_201|J_DIR=jdk1.8.0_211|' oracle-java8-installer.*

But now i have another error:

Resolving login.oracle.com (login.oracle.com)...
Connecting to login.oracle.com (login.oracle.com)||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 Authorization Required

Username/Password Authentication Failed.
download failed
Oracle JDK 8 is NOT installed.
dpkg: error processing package oracle-java8-installer (--configure):
 installed oracle-java8-installer package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

What is this 401 authorization? I should enter credentials anywhere? Please help!

  • You may download jdk-8u212-linux-x64.tar.gz (185.98 MB) directly from oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/… and install it at /opt/jvm or any where you wish. – Marmayogi Apr 18 '19 at 16:10
  • 1
    When you download from oracle website, you need credentials. If you don't pass correct string during download, you will get 401 authorization error. From /var/lib/dpkg/info, the URL that contains string 42970487e3af4f5aa5bca3f542482c60 which may be incorrect. – Marmayogi Apr 18 '19 at 16:19
  • 1
    This PPA has been discontinued. Better not to use this PPA anymore. Reference. – Kulfy Apr 19 '19 at 8:50
  • Kulfy, That mean we should use another repositories for autoinstallation or install Java JDK manually? BTW I've installed 8u211 manually, but that was a bit complicated. And sudo dpkg --list | grep -i jdk doesnt show it. Not sure this is ok. – Дмитрий Стародубцев Apr 19 '19 at 9:30
  • 1
    Oracle made it hard to use PPA, so I'll suggest install manually. Moreover since Oracle JDK isn't a Debian package but simply a folder containing necessary files which is used by updating alternatives, therefore it would not be there in dpkg list. Also dpkg command won't help you in updating/removing JDK. You have to replace/delete folder or update alternatives. – Kulfy Apr 19 '19 at 14:41

Azul manages and provides for free very functional packages of OpenJDK, from 7 to 12. As per their instructions, to install one or more java version you just need to do:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 0xB1998361219BD9C9
sudo apt-add-repository 'deb http://repos.azulsystems.com/ubuntu stable main'
sudo apt-install zulu-8

to have a fully functional java 8 environment. If you want to have more than one java versions installed you can choose the default one as usually done in debian/ubuntu:

update-java-alternatives -l                # to list available ones
update-java-alternatives -s zulu-8-amd64   # to set java8 as default
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