How can I remap a modified key such as CTRL-j to another key (possibly modified), while leaving the key j alone?

I am using Ubuntu 18.04.

  • can you explain little more specific what do you want to achieve?
    – PRATAP
    Commented Apr 17, 2019 at 0:56

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On ubuntu, keyboard shortcuts can be managed through 'Settings Editor' and 'Keyboard'. These programs can be respectively installed by

sudo apt install xfce4-settings-editor

sudo apt install xfce4-keyboard-settings

In xfce4-keyboard-settings (the simpler program), go to the 'Application Shortcuts' tab and double-click on the shortcut that you want to edit, presumably Ctrl+J, then edit the shortcut.


You can use the remapper deamon keyd for this purpose. See this answer for installation, usage and tips.

After installation, use the config below. It makes left control activate a layer controlj while held, where every thing you press is be default modified by control (the :C), except for the key(s) remapped in the layer---in this case only j, which is remapped to Shift + j.

You can throw other modifiers on there, e.g. j = M-A-C-S-j for Meta + Alt + Control + Shift + j.




leftcontrol = layer(controlj)


j = S-j

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