I have very little free space on my partition for the OS but I want to install Android Studio on my Ubuntu (18.04.02 LTS).

I saw that sudo snap install android-studio --classic should install it but I want to find a way to do it on a specified directory on another disk or partition.

Is there a way to do it?


You should install Android Studio using the zipped version.

  1. Download this file

  2. Move it to the drive/partition destination. Suppose your partition with free space is /home

sudo mv ~/Downloads/android-studio-ide-182.5314842-linux.zip /home
  1. Extract the file:
unzip /home/android-studio-ide-182.5314842-linux.zip
  1. In order to have this available from other locations create a launcher for the Android Studio, look here.

I hope this helps!

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    The answer contains a link in the first line, 'Download this file', but it is only a link to a Ubuntu help page which has no element of Android on it. The sought-for file is likely to be found on this page: developer.android.com/studio – Aristo T. Jul 26 '19 at 17:56

Adding to @PhilippeDelteil 's answer

  1. Download the latest Android studio.
  2. Move the zip/tar.gz file to the desired disk/directory/partition (remember to mount the partition first).
  3. Extract the contents of the zip/tar.gz file.
  4. Then cd android-studio/bin/.
  5. Run ./studio.sh, this will launch the setup wizard.
  6. Fill the appropriate areas and click next.
  7. When you reach Install type select custom instead of standard then click next.
  8. In the SDK components setup change the default installation location to your desired disk/directory/partition.

This will install Android studio and its sdk in a custom location. To run android studio, go to FULLPATH/android-studio/bin/ and again run ./studio.sh.

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