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I have to do a backup of a (heavy) PostgreSQL database in Ubuntu Server and I want to make sure that I don't have any fails. The command is:

pg_dump database_name -h localhost -p port_number >> backup_file.sql

What do I have to add to this command to get an error report (if there is any error) in a specific location?

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  • Thanks @dessert,I think the problem was that i wasn't searching for the correct words for my problem. All the questions i found didn't answer mine. Thanks again. – SbManolo Apr 16 at 7:40
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  • I didn't want to do anything with the cp command. It was only in case it helped to understand the question to someone who wasn't familiar with PostgresQL, since pg_dump (with its nuances of course) has similarities with cp. Sorry if the question causes some confusion. – SbManolo Apr 17 at 9:29