I've researched quite a bit and haven't found the answer, I've searched every package in my computer and none of them were from phpservermon so I couldn't remove it through terminal. The version I have is 3.3.2.

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    How did you install it? – fkraiem Apr 15 at 10:35
  • through here <localhost>/phpservermon/install.php – PAPARIPA Apr 15 at 10:40

As I understand, Phpservermonitor is a web application. Which means it does not install in your system. It is installed in your web server root directory. If you want to completely remove it. Just delete the phpservermon folder from your www root directory.

  • I've tried this, but when I return to the install page it says it is already installed. PS: I want to uninstall, because I am unaware of the current password and was asked to re-install it. – PAPARIPA Apr 15 at 10:58
  • Make sure you remove or empty the connected Database also. Like WordPress, Other web applications are also saved there settings to DB. – Mohit Malviya Apr 15 at 11:00
  • I thought it worked, but it only began to ask for the db information, i tried deleting the db and still it only asked for the db information. – PAPARIPA Apr 15 at 11:47
  • Actually, it saves all the server settings in config.php and mysql Database. Just delete config.php and empty the DB for resetting the entire application. – Mohit Malviya Apr 15 at 12:03
  • Thank you, I was stuck all morning doing this, finally finished thanks to you. – PAPARIPA Apr 15 at 12:38

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