I tried to install the HP Gen8 server with the Smart Array B320i enabled where I created an RAID 1 array. The commissioning of the node is going okay.
But with the Hardware tests I got the following error:

Unable to run 'smartctl-validate':
'MAAS did not detect any storage devices during commissioning!'

If i go back to the BIOS and disable the Smart Array Controller all is going fine and the storage is been detected. But I want to run the node with RAID 1 enabled and i'm not sure if software RAID is a good option if one drive goes corrupt.

Any ideas how to enable the B320i driver in MAAS?


this look like "windows based" raid controller. Linux can use it only as independed disk drives. Use normal software raid, instead.

  • The normal software raid is that save to use? What if one drive will fail? Just put it out and rebuild it in Ubuntu? – Christiaan van Steenbergen Apr 13 at 22:09
  • Yes. Usually, this is not automatically like on a hardware controller. You need to initiate the rebuild. I used mdadm for software raid. – Marek F Apr 15 at 8:23

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